Our attentive staff develops an in-depth understanding of every client and every job to ensure that your project is designed from the beginning with your needs in mind. As development and construction experts ourselves, we understand that a new building or renovation is a large investment, so we keep your goals – and your budget – in mind throughout every phase of planning and execution. And we keep you informed about the project status every step of the way. You can rely on our team’s professionalism and work ethic to help you craft a building that meets and exceeds your vision.


To provide you with small-business customer service with large-scale capabilities, our employees, managers, and owners abide by the core values of Modern Construction Services.


At Modern Construction Services, we agree that honesty is a virtue. From pricing agreements to project deadlines, we are honest about our expectations and capabilities. To avoid price-gouging and immoral practices, we keep secure and accurate records of all agreements. You can expect both fairness and honesty when you work with our employees.


Each of our professionals follows a strict code of ethics. We understand that our employees are representative of our brand and community, so we take special care to hire competent individuals who value honor. Our staff will behave in a way that reflects the trust, respect, and manners expected from a reputable company.


When you are our client, you are our top priority. Our professional staff will work to address any of your concerns throughout the project. You will receive a high level of service from start to completion. If we agree on a deal, you can be sure that we will follow through on our end of the bargain.


MCS believes in the importance of community involvement and altruism. We lend our time, resources and sponsorship dollars to select non-profits and remain active in the communities in which we serve and reside.

12 HOURS //

Every team member is given 12 hours of company-paid time to serve with a non-profit of their choice further instilling the deep value that there are endless ways of helping improve the lives of those around you.

Specializing in large-scale commercial projects, Modern Construction Services is a full-service contracting firm from North Carolina. We use high-quality methods, superior materials, and skillful management practices to complete projects with minimal errors.

Our dedicated staff can assist clients with project management, construction services, and facility repairs. We provide numerous services, including upfits, renovation, demolition, and carpentry.

Modern Construction Services is licensed and insured. We are a company with attentive professionals who use technology breakthroughs and building trends to serve your needs in a dynamic economy.

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